Johan Dierinck

PHP developer, Drupal aficionado, Symfony certified

Johan Dierinck

PHP developer. Drupal aficionado. Symfony certified.

About me

I’m a freelance web developer focusing on backend technologies (PHP, MySQL, Doctrine…). I specialize in developing websites and web applications based on Symfony and other frameworks (e.g. Laravel) and content management systems (e.g. Drupal) that make use of Symfony’s components. While my focus is on the backend, I wouldn’t be able to call myself a web developer without a solid grasp of frontend tools like HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, templating…. Through professional experience (and curiosity, to be fair) I’ve also familiarized myself with Javascript frameworks like Angular and React.

The rapidly evolving world of web development is the perfect place to leverage my innate eagerness to learn. Keeping up with new practices and developments, enriching my skillset, learning to use new tools and frameworks... my day hasn’t been successful without having learnt something new.

I only work with reliable and open technologies that have become standard in the industry and embrace good coding practices. This way you can rest assured that your website runs fast and stable and will remain easy to maintain and update in the future.

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Javascript & jQuery


How can I be of service to you?


  • dynamic websites and applications (PHP)
  • setup of content management systems (CMS)
  • module development for CMS systems
  • responsive layouts


  • hosting
  • domain names registration
  • configuration of DNS settings


  • end user support
  • updates of existing sites
  • troubleshooting


  • Training React (Thomas More Hogeschool) · march 2021
  • Symfony Certified Developer (Sensiolabs) · august 2016
  • Certified jQuery developer (W3Schools) · march 2014
  • Certified JavaScript developer (W3Schools) · march 2014
  • Certified PHP developer (W3Schools) · march 2014


  • SymfonyOnline June 2023 (Symfony) · june 2023
  • SymfonyWorld Online 2021 Winter Edition (Symfony) · december 2021
  • PHP advanced (Syntra AB) · may - june 2015
  • Drupal developer (Syntra AB) · october 2013 - june 2014
  • HTML5, CSS3 & the responsive web (Syntra West) · october 2013
  • Drupal advanced: fields & views (Syntra AB) · april 2013


Sample projects I've worked on


I'd like to hear from you

Do you or does your company need a (new) website, would you like to enhance an existing web application, or do you temporarily need a web developer skilled in PHP, do not hesitate to fill in this form. I'll be more than happy to hear from you.

  • 2890 Sint-Amands, Belgium
  • +32 479 55 14 04